I’m throwing my shoes

That’s it. I’m throwing my shoes across the river onto that island where God is waiting for me.  Allow me to explain:

My pastor told a story from years ago about one of his sons.  His son, then a little boy, saw an island he wanted to discover beyond a small river.  My pastor then asked the boy if he really wanted to go over there, which would involve crossing the cold river.  Upon the boy’s response of yes, he had to take off his shoes.  My pastor took off his shoes as well and threw them both over to the island.  That was it. They were all in.  They had to go through with it.

And that’s exactly where I am right now.  God is calling me to do something difficult, to expose topics often not talked about in the church like porn, homosexuality, vulnerability.  With my poetry, I am digging in deep.  This is the tool God has given me to change things and remind us of the nonjudgmental love that is supposed to be overflowing from the church.  So after feeling incredibly uncomfortable and fearful, I have decided to fight through it.  I will gladly accept stares and glares if it helps someone hear the truth of grace.  I want to bring people hope.

Today worked like a catalyst.  I heard a sigh of relief as someone discovered that they were not alone in their struggle.  But they were never alone to begin with.  My mission is to tear down the walls in the church.  We shouldn’t be a breeding ground for shame.

I will take whatever consequences may ensue as the Holy Spirit works between my lines.

I’m all in.

-A World Changer

ROMANS 8:1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus…


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