A Prayer For the Struggling Soul

Here is a prayer for my sister’s struggling with sexual sin

Dear precious sister,

I just want to lift you up before the Lord, that he who knows you by name would give you a safe space to be broken and then fully restored—that in him you may be found free to struggle, but also find freedom from struggle.

Oh Lord, you are great and mighty.  You lift up kings and tear down kingdoms.  Lord we have built kingdoms of sin, kingdoms where we abide in our own desires above your will.  We’ve chained ourselves to the gates of our castles and refused to let you in.  It may be out of fear, or worthlessness, or it may simply be we enjoy our pleasure more than your grace.  But I ask that you tear down our kingdoms and break our chains with your everlasting power.  Oh God, my God, change our hearts and minds.  Let us desire to please you with our thoughts, our actions, and our entire beings.  We present our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to you.  Convict us of sin and bestow mercy upon us.  Show us how to walk according to your ways and follow your statutes.  Forgive us our sins as we turn away from the things that so easily entrap us.

You and you alone have the power to restore, so restore us Lord.  Replace all that has been lost and break off the impious ties we are left holding.  Pour love upon our desperate mortality and whisper truth to our souls.  You are gracious and compassionate, oh Lord.  You are slow to anger and rich in unconditional love.  Bring peace to our weary souls and allow us to keep travelling this journey with you.  Let our stories be not just words, but life to the dead and the broken.  Let our struggles point ever so clearly to you.  For freedom’s sake we are set free.  Let it not be for our glory, but for yours.


Know that you are beautiful, forgiven, and loved.

-A World Changer


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