Such is Life

This past week was wonderful.

It’s been emotional. It’s been nostalgic. It’s been full of change  and laughs and hugs.

In the last 7 days I have cried.  I’ve felt completely lonely and completely at home. I’ve felt out of control. I’ve learned the beauty of trusting the Lord.

I have been astounded in finding out that God is, in fact, that good. I was affirmed in my uneasiness about leaving the country for 3  months.  I said goodbye and hasta luego. I prayed with a friend at the airport. I told people about my heart for the gospel. I ate dinner with a friend and  shared a piece of my story. I’ve began a journey of self-discovery and have not shyed away from honest conversation. I openly disagreed with a friend.

I read. I wrote.  I pursued emotional intimacy. I received 3 books! I packed and repacked.

I imitated  the power rangers and tickled to no end.

I felt like a burden at times and thoroughly appreciated at others.  I was disappointed and my expectations were beyond met.

Such is life I presume.

Life sometimes means facebook messages written totally in spanish. It means sometimes putting yourself first and sometimes putting others first.  It’s sunsets and snowfall. It’s alone time and time to be with people.  It’s kicking ice chunks and deleting unhealthy friendships from your life.

But mostly it’s growth.

It’s growing up and taking a risk because rejection might not seem worth it,  but acceptance is worth the risk.

-A World Changer


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