This Sacred Place

There are many blogs I can write in this place the Lord has brought me to.  I am thankful, curious, and I know there’s a part II on the horizon from my last blog.

But right now, I feel that I am at such a sacred place with Jesus.

Tomorrow I fly to Colorado to start my last year of my undergraduate degree. This season of life is steadily approaching it’s end. But as I sit here, in awe of the things of God crashing together in a beautiful  array of light and glory, I am thankful.  I am thankful for the passion God has given me to love people. That this passion draws me across the world, across the state, and across the campus of my small university.

Tomorrow starts something new. Something brilliant. Something that is a gift.

I have a friend who always speaks of the good gifts of the Lord and I know that  this must be true. This doesn’t  mean that it is an easily recognized gift or an easily accepted gift. It simply means that the Father gives his children good gifts. That it all will work for good because he lover us.

I’m learning what it means to be in a place to accept  these gifts, a place like this.  It’s  a place where I open my hands and my heart to whatever comes next. It’s  a place that dreams. It’s  a place that asks for more but shows contentment with what has already occurred.

It’s a place to feast your eyes on the giver of all good things.

He gives good gifts alright, and in time you will see how the struggle was really just a gift in disguise.


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