“Love is and always was the longing placed inside my heart to know you and be known by you.”

As I journey through life,  I find that for so many people Christ is not enough. He does not satisfy nor answer their burning questions. He is too restrictive, too demanding, and quite frankly too ancient. Maybe it’s not Christ, maybe just the church.

I have seen my peers (some being the very ones that showed me Christ) discard their faith.

And honestly, it breaks my heart. It ruffles my theology. It challenges my prayer.

I don’t completely understand it. I’ve heard your testimonies. I’ve seen the light of Christ in your life. I’ve seen you grow and struggle and joyously dance with this hope you’ve found.

I’m not heartbroken from a place of my being right and their being wrong.  I’m heartbroken because I believe that Christ is heartbroken. I’m heartbroken because Christians abandon people who adandon Christianity, as if that models Christ.

The more I learn about Jesus the more I want everyone to desire him as deeply as Stephen did when he was stoned (Acts 7) or Paul did when he realized all else is worthless in comparison (Philippians 3:8). I want my dear friends to know that Christ is for them!

I think I’ve been rather quiet about the gospel lately, but now I am restless. This restlessness comes from my hope to see people encounter the love of Christ, maybe for the first time or maybe after a period of apathy toward the gospel (or anywhere in between). I want people to live out their gifts and love fully through Christ.

I want people to love those well who are not in Christ, simply because they are human and they are worth loving.

For my friends, I pray for a longing to envelope them, that they may know and be known by Christ, our savior. I pray that life would drive them into his presence, that they would see his fervent, unrelenting pursuit.

I pray that they will say yes and receive their inheritance as children of God with all their doubts, their questions and their imperfections.

God welcomes you and I do as well.


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