The God That Doesn’t Make Sense

It’s  nine letters.

But never did I expect these 9 letters to come with such brute force.

Restlessness. Fear. Nervousness. Excitement. Inadequacy. Unprepared. Leadership.


In 13 days I will set foot in this country that I know very little about. God has opened doors for me to lead an amazing team there and yet, in the past few days, I’ve had moments where I am paralyzed with fear.  There were times when I was anxious, or when I felt like I simply did not possess the skills necessary to lead in a different country.

I wonder, am I bold enough to fall short daily and continue to give my all in everything?…Or will fear of my own inadequacy restrict me from showing my authentic self?

Will I always choose love, or will at times, my words and actions create a void that needs to be flooded with repentance?

Most likely.

This whole situation doesn’t make sense.

I’m going to Nicaragua because this is where the Lord asked me to be.

But as of now, I have no idea why the Lord is bringing me to Latin America for 3 months, a place where I know he desires to break me.

My life doesn’t make sense right now, but God is peace in the midst of chaos. He stills the seas.

Although I feel like I’m on a moving boat without direction, I can rest knowing that He controls the wind,  the sea, and the sails.

It’s better to be without a map in Christ, than to draw your own without him.

-A World Changer (or so I’m told)


One response to “The God That Doesn’t Make Sense

  1. Haley…I am holding you and your team up in my prayers. May accepting God’s call to love and serve Him and all His children continue to be your passion and His gift to you and to others. May His peace be within you always…🙏❤️❤️🙏Polly

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