Here, There, and Everywhere

I don’t know why it struck me, or greater than that, why it broke my heart.

I don’t why it caused me to quiet myself and cry to the Lord.

It was simple and actually something I’ve encountered in most every country. One of the Nicas told one of the girls on my team that if she goes in the sun she will get darker.

It’s really not something terrible, but it made me ask God why is darker skin always a bad thing in other countries? Why is it somehow not as beautiful or as cherished? Why isn’t it delighted in? Why don’t people take as much joy in my skin colour as I do?

It strikes me because it is my life and because I am beautiful.

I’ve spent the last few years giving some deep thought to the racial prejudices in the US and around the world, not to mention I’ve experienced it head on.

Is the gospel of grace more or less real when it comes from dark eyes and dark skin?

But I just wish we could see the Imago Dei residing in each being as they cross our paths.

I’d imagine we’d become a lot less hung up on things like skin tone.

-A World Changer


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