Grace Upon Grace

We went on a prayer walk.

It basically involves getting a bus to one of the surrounding towns, asking the Lord to guide us, and going where he leads. The team usually comes back with cool stories. They almost always get to pray for people, meet needs, or build sweet relationships.

However, this prayer walk looked a little different. We met a woman, but she had some mental issues and her family didn’t invite us in. We kept walking down this long road in this little town.

And then I saw it.

It was a community park next to a school. The kids were at recess and allowed to go play at the park. We thought, “why not?”

And then we played.

And played and played.

We just loved these kiddos by pushing them on the swing and giving them sweet moments of laughter.

After 10 minutes of pushing a boy on the swing, his laughter just as persistent as the first minute, I was reminded that there is just as much grace in a child’s laughter as there is in prayer for an old woman or being invited into a house.

Our day was covered in grace and we did not pray for one person, but I thanked the Lord for every moment.

Who knew that talking to 5 year Olds would make my heart so full?

I understand why Jesus says do not hinder the children from coming to him. For their whole existence is one of grace and beautiful dependence.

Friends, let us be like little children.

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.–John 1:16

-A World Changer



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