Unmet Expectations

What happens when you go into something with such brilliant, beautiful expectations and then reality falls much too short of them?

These last 3 months, I’ve realized that I’ve carried around so many expectations, all the while, I was experiencing so much grief as they daily went unmet. And now here I am at a place where I am not in the midst of it all and I see just where I went wrong.

I think it’s unrealistic to think that we can confine God to our feeble expectations; Christ should remind us of that. The Jews were expecting a royal and powerful Messiah. They got a man who spent most of his life hidden from the public eye only to emerge and soon be beaten and killed. Yet, they did not realize that this broken and bloodied man was their only hope.

When your expectations go unmet, it is okay to grieve them, but don’t stay in that place. At some point you will have to surrender them and allow the Lord to actually heal your heart. It is only then that you might recognize what God was actually doing.

It is only then that you can ask the Lord, where were you in all of this?

When you are expecting the Lord the come in clothed in a purple robe, it is easy to miss the man carrying the cross and the death poured out for you.

Sometimes the greatest joy comes from the moments of struggle, when you feel broken, or when you don’t have anything left to give. It’s the times that you felt like quitting, only sustained by his love, that you understand his omnipresence.

I don’t necessarily think expectations are wrong, but they do provide a mirror into our own hearts and can show us the shocking truths about our selfish desires.

For the ancient Israelites, it showed how they didn’t really want spiritual salvation, they wanted political power.

For me, the Lord has highlighted how much I want harmony and how much I desire to be loved–two things that aren’t wrong per se, but become detrimental when lack of these things takes a toll on my worth.

So I am thankful for the mirror of unmet expectations because it showed me the places where my heart is holding fast to things that are not my resurrected Saviour.

I want to be fixated upon the good, because he is so good.

And I am so thankful for the baby that came in a manger and spent almost 30 years entirely hidden so that salvation could come to man at the perfect time.

Happy Advent!

-A World Changer

I am looking for a savior I can see and know and touch
one who dwells within the midst of us
May a broken God be known in the earth beneath our feet,
let our souls behold humility
let our souls behold humility





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