I Believe I’m Healing

On occasion, I return to my old blogs and journal entries to give myself a little more context for the things occurring in my heart, how I’ve changed and grown.

My recent discoveries have shown me that this past season in life is not standalone.

As a matter of fact, the brilliant thing about this season is that it brought up the places in my heart that had not yet fully healed. I had to walk through deeper layers of healing and greater forgiveness. I had to realize how my past hurts were coloring my present situations.

And sure, as much as hurt is real, the truth is that we are prone to be hurt in the same ways when dont  allow our wounds to truly heal.

Today was a good day. I surrendered the future of a friendship to the Lord, and after that I read a blog from two years ago that just so happened to describe the exact feelings that had arisen in my present heart–the pain of feeling like I was the only one giving myself. Yet, I have no doubt that people are worth loving.

I suddenly had the epiphany that I appear to be healing.

I’m not finding my worth in others. I’m dealing with disappointments in a way that isn’t self-destructive. I’m surrendering things to the Lord sooner.

Yes, I’m healing. That is beautiful. God seeks to heal us so that we may walk in the fullness of who he created us to be and give him glory.

And I’m learning how my past experiences do not have to be the lens by which I view my present reality because I trust in the goodness of God.

My prayer for you is that you would allow the Lord to do what he needs to do so that he may use you as a light in the world…especially when it hurts.

Keep moving forward.

-A World Changer


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