Too Much Clutter, Not Enough Jesus

A little over two weeks ago I came home to California.  My first and only real goal (besides finding a job) was to go through my wardrobe and eliminate all the clothes I did not need.  It’s something that is actually still a work in progress.

As I processed the last three months, while decluttering my room, and also praying about the future, I found the most unsettling truth in my heart: there is not enough room for Jesus here.

I found that the major obstacles in my life that kept me from grabbing hold of the sweet things that God had for me was my inability to let go of the past, or my need to control the future.  It was a bitter realization.

Here I am, surrounded by so much stuff, and my stuff is just a metaphor for the desperate attempts at control that have laid waste to my surrender. And I wondered if I would ever have enough?

So I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned…and I am still cleaning. I must make room for the King of my heart.

It’s not the stuff itself.  It’s the surrender that the stuff prevents.

If I want to live a life in complete surrender to my God and my King, then I must rid myself of the things that distract me from him.  If I want to trust the Lord to provide, then I must not be afraid to be in need.

Getting rid of my clothes is getting rid of the fear that I may ‘need’ something tomorrow.  It is a gift that allows me to inhale trust and exhale my desire to be independent from the God who should be my everything.  It is letting go of pain from yesterday and taking hold of today’s joy.  It is releasing my need to control everything and giving my things over to a God who is in control.  It is understanding that “there’s nothing that I have need of because there’s nothing [He] has not done.”

It is deciding that I want my life to be filled with the gospel, not with things.

I recently watched a documentary regarding the minimalist life.  The question they always ask themselves is Does this add any value to my life?

As believers, I think we should add three more questions when it comes to the stuff and clutter in our lives, and our constant desire for more:

  • Are my things showing good stewardship of what the Lord has given me?
  • Is there anything that I am giving more glory to than God?
  • Does the clutter in my life represent clutter in my heart?

If I want more, I want it to first and foremost be more of Jesus. Cliché, I know, but I don’t ever want the things I’m holding on to physically or emotionally stop me from seeking what the Lord has for me.

These past few weeks I have gotten rid of hurt, laziness, bitterness, regret, hopelessness, fear, lies…and some clothes along the way.

If it is not a benefit to the Kingdom, I don’t want it.

-A World Changer (starting with my own room)


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