A BOOK Worth Writing

Last week I decided to take a risk and announce that I will be writing a book. 

Here’s more about that:

I want to write a book around the topic of rape, sexual assault and abuse, and the various other types of abuse. I want to specifically use my gift of poetry to capture women’s stories, and the finished product would be a collection of stories told via poetry and prose. Stories would be anomymous. I can’t promise this will ever be a book, just that I will do my best to present your story honestly. There can be loose ends.  I want to share the process, the brokenness and the healing. 

I’ve heard a lot of friends’ stories about rape, abuse, etc. I believe God has gifted me with a lot of empathy. Something that utterly breaks my heart is the abuse of women. I’ve kinda been mulling around the idea of writing a book of poetry for awhile and God’s been reminding me that I’m a gifted storyteller. So why not? Why not seek to do something meaningful?

I don’t want it to be a specifically Christian book. Just tales of a day, night, moment, or years. I imagine some poems will be longer than others. I imagine I’ll need a lot of metaphors to evoke empathy, but not cause triggers. But I also know that my friends who have endured abuse, neglect, rape, molestation, etc are some of the strongest people I know. I’m okay if the stories are messy, if there’s no justice or healing hasn’t come yet. Ultimately, I want to give them a voice. And I want people to wade into the murky depths of what it means to be human. I want to create art out of some of the most devasting experiences, because my friends are masterpieces, their stories and all.

I don’t want to ask anyone specifically because I don’t want any of my friends to feel pressured. If you’re interested in including your story, let’s grab coffee, or have a phone call. Email me (haleylowe0@gmail.com) or write me a letter (PO Box 923, Fairfield, CA 94533) or text me (just ask for the number). Thanks! Love you all!



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